Strategic Partners

Redsper Enterprises Ltd., located in Rivers, Manitoba, Canada, is a leading provider of custom seed cleaning, certified seed sales, custom seed treating and quality assurance seed testing (Accu-Test Seed Lab) for agricultural producers throughout southwest and west central Manitoba and eastern Saskatchewan. Additionally, our company offers warehousing and distribution services, bulk grain bin storage and pelleted livestock feed.  Redsper in accredited with the Canadian Seed Institute, Organic Producers Association of Manitoba (OPAM), and the Agriculture Warehousing Standards Association (AWSA). We are also members of the Canadian Seed Growers Association, Secan, Canterra, Seed Depot, and FP Genetics.

Since 2015, Redfern Farm Services Ltd have been delighted to work closely with Farmers Edge in promoting their advanced data collecting network and helping implement their VRA services with our producers.  We have 5 Farmers Edge – Redfern Representatives within our company, whom can answer any of your Farmers Edge questions or concerns.  Our Redfern reps work closely with the Farmers Edge Professionals in helping move your farm into the future with regards to Data Management, Soil Agronomy, and VRA practices in Agriculture.  Farmers Edge is on the “cutting edge” with regards to technology in the Agriculture sector.  Their footprint has grown from Manitoban born to encompassing a world-wide sector.  We look forward to our continued relationship with Farmers Edge with regards to taking care of all farm needs.

Beginning in 2017, Redfern Farm Services Ltd is proud to develop and grow a new affiliation with Decisive Farming.  We will have Decisive Farming – Redfern Representatives within our company, whom will be spearheading our newly developing relationship with Decisive.  Our Redfern reps will work in conjunction with our colleagues with Decisive Farming in helping maximize your profits on your farm.  Our relationship with Decisive Farming will help bring new options to your farming operations with regards to Farm Marketing, VRA, Soil Testing, and future data management capabilities.  We look forward to building our relationship with Decisive Farming from the ground up.

In fall 2016, Redfern Farm Services Ltd began a working relationship with FarmLink Marketing Solutions and Farm At Hand. FarmLink is Western Canada’s leading provider of grain marketing services. Offering consulting, analysis and direct selling opportunities to individual farm businesses for over 13 years. In 2016 FarmLink purchased Farm at Hand, a farm management platform that tracks key farm information for producers. Together they are building a platform that helps farmers and their trusted service providers collaborate on planning and tracking key information.

Redferns will be working closely with FarmLink in marketing updates, offering direct selling solutions, and keeping updated with the Farm at Hand platform.

Since 2016, FarmLead Founder and CEO Brennan Turner has partnered with Redfern Producers to provide a weekly global macro and Western Manitoba grains market synopsis, along with local cash market trends and perspective. Redferns is delighted to be working with Brennan in providing timely grain marketing updates for all of our partners in the field.