Office: 204-725-8580 / Fax: 204-725-8592 / 922 Douglas Street / Brandon, MB R7A 7B2

President & Owner – Ray Redfern – 204-729-7730

Ray Redfern, founder and president, started Redfern Farm Services in 1972 in Rivers, Man., and now operates 11 locations in southwestern Manitoba. Growing up on a family farm near Kenton, Redfern eventually went on to attend the University of Manitoba, completing his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, with majors in soil science and economics. He’s a certified professional agrologist and has held designation with the Canadian Consulting Agrologist Association.

Ray is also active in the operations of Redfern Family Farms; providing seed and commercial production of small grains, oilseeds and pulse crops including soybeans, and forages. He’s also the president and partner of Redsper Enterprises Ltd., located in Rivers, Man., which is a certified seed retailer, providing extensive seed processing and which provides specialized seed treatment programs, and grain storage.

He received the Lifetime Business Builder Award from the Brandon Chamber of Commerce earlier this year.

Controller – Monica Madden

Monica Madden has been associated with the company for the past 25 years, beginning her tenure in Rivers. In 1998, Madden followed the head office move to the Wheat City. In 2002, she received her accounting designation, and in 2004, she took over the role of controller with Redfern Farm Services. As a CPA, she looks after the company financial reporting and analysis.

Human Resources Manager – Marla Descoteaux – 204-725-8588

Marla Descoteaux brings 10 years of human resources experience to the head office team. She provides HR solutions to the organization, while assisting Redfern Farm Services as the company continues to build its infrastructure in a strategic manner via technology, compliance and people.

Credit Manager – Candice Redfern-Broome – 204-725-8587

Candice Redfern-Broome moved into the role of credit manager for Redfern Farm Services in November of 1997. Candice has also been serving as the Redfern business manager for many years.

Business Admin Manager – Brian Hatch  204-725-8585

Brian Hatch, formerly the Brandon branch manager, eventually transitioned to the role of Business Admin Manager back in the early 2000s and remains in the role today. The ‘jack of all trades’ role, includes account administration for large supplier accounts, management, IT support as well as development.

Payroll Administrator – Regan Cline 

Regan Cline has worked in the accounting field for seven years. She brings a wide variety of accounting and payroll knowledge and has spent time as an office manager in her prior employment.

Credit Assistant – Kristy Nestibo

Kristy began her post in March as the credit assistant. She has an extensive background in agriculture and customer service.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator – Lanny Stewart

Lanny Stewart, the former editor of the Westman Journal, has more than 10 years of experience in the media field in western Manitoba, working at other outlets such as the Neepawa Banner and the now defunct CKX Television. Stewart plays a key role in showcasing and promoting the 11 locations associated with Redfern Farm Services.

Chemical & Seed Procurement Manager – Autum Logan

Autum Logan has been with Redfern Farm Services since 2012, working with the manufacturer and distribution partners to organize and execute supplier programs. She also assists in developing Redfern offerings for seed and crop protection products, and is responsible for ordering the appropriate supply of these products to meet customer needs.

Crop Input Administrator – Nicola McPherson

Nicola McPherson started with Redfern Farm Services in October of 2016. She comes from a family farm background and is still involved today. McPherson takes care of inventory management, processes accounts payable for crop input purchases and assists with the coordination/execution of fertilizer commitments.

Fertilizer Distribution Manager & Regional Manager – Ken Cross

Ken Cross joined Redfern Farm Services in 2009. He’s been involved in the agriculture sector since 1986. He works closely with all 11 Redfern branches and is involved with purchasing all fertilizer for the company.

Logistics Manager – Trevor Dickie204-328-5325

Trevor Dickie has been with Redfern Farm Services since 2014, working closely with all branches. His responsibilities include taking care of the direct delivery of all liquid/dry products to customers and branches.

Accounting Assistant – Dan Davis

Dan started working at Redfern Farm Services in 2003. He’s been paying the bills and balancing the cash ever since.

Equipment & Facilities Manager – Dustin Redfern – 204-729-1831

Dustin Redfern received his agribusiness diploma and began full-time employment at Redfern Farm Services back in 1999. He started in Rivers and eventually made his way to the Wheat City at the head office. Ray and Dustin have a farm just outside Rivers.

Fuels Manager – Ken Cram – 204-724-5661

Ken Cram started with Redfern Farm Services in 1991 as a branch manager of the Minnedosa branch. In 1999, he moved to the Wheat City to take over as petroleum manager. He eventually took over the position of Brandon branch manager and is now back as fuel coordinator, looking after the company NH3 equipment and trucks, ensuring it meets regulations as well as branch operational roles.


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