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Challenging surprises

Bearish pressures from the USDA’s August WASDE report continues to negatively impact local cash prices. US corn yields were only lowered by 1.2 bushels to 169.5 per acre. Average American soybean yields were actually increased by 1.4 bushels to 49.4 an acre! And while...

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Losing the Upside

Grain markets hit the mid-way point of June with more bullish weather driving prices into the green. Crop downgrades in North America and Europe helped fuel rallies in other row crops but the drive forward has been owned by spring wheat thus far. With the Minneapolis...

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Generally Favourable?

Some hot, dry weather through the first few weeks of June in parts of Western Canada and the Northern Plains added some premium to the markets. For example, 25% of North Dakota is considered to be in moderate drought while the other 3/4s is considered abnormally dry....

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Sale of the Week

Grain markets pushed through the middle of May with a little more volatility under its belt as more volatile weather and geopolitical risk in Washington, D.C. & Brazil has created some additional uncertainty. The Canadian Loonie gained 1.45% for the week, which...

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Positive Progress

Grain markets pushed through the second week of May with a little more volatility, but not from weather effects, rather, new data, as the market is expecting Plant 2017 progress to be back near...

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Fairly Neutral?

Grain markets started the month of May on a bit of a hot streak as some wintry and watery weather hit main growing regions in the Midwest. Notably, the wheat market jumped higher on both Monday and Tuesday before traders bought the rumour and sold the fact of what...

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March 8th, 2017

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