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Considering the Options

Grains started the month of April with a little bit of follow-through fanfare from the U.S.D.A.’s stocks and acreage report on March 31st and some speculation over the start of the North American planting season and end of the first South American harvest. Rains last...

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Where are the Bulls?

Grain markets through the middle of March started to turn a bit lower as bullish headlines have thinned out and the U.S. Federal Reserve raising interest rates, albeit the U.S. Dollar pulled back a bit on bearish comments from the Fed and likelihood of only 2 more...

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Log-jammed Markets

As we entered the month of March, grain markets ate up a lot of volatility on U.S. ethanol policy rumours, a stronger U.S. Dollar, and logistics issues in Brazil. Better values in the oilseeds and corn was mainly related to South America and U.S. biofuels policy,...

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Anticipating the Next Few Months

Grain markets through the middle of February are pulling back from last week’s highs as more supply and demand numbers out of South American became known, with less focus on the weather on the southern half of the equator. The January N.O.P.A. soybean crush number of...

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Going Sideways?

Grain markets ended the month of January on the downtrend after reaching new highs the week before on continued weather concerns out of South America. However, the drier weather in Argentina and relatively consistent harvest weather in Brazil. AgResource is suggesting...

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Thinking Further Out

Grain markets through the middle of January continue to be driven by South American weather challenges, namely flooding in parts of Argentina just as the soybean crop down there is starting to emerge. Also pressuring outside markets a bit this week is the geopolitical...

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March 8th, 2017

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