We’d like to welcome Kimberley Kielley to the Redferns.ca! Kielley will be providing articles periodically to the website! We hope you enjoy! Brandon girl going to international Ag Summit By Kimberley Kielley Emily Robb of Brandon and Amanda Hardman of Stony...

Thinking of putting a nitrogen stabilizer on your urea?

Are you thinking of putting a nitrogen stabilizer on your urea this spring? If so, you are in the right spot! We have an Active Stabilizer Plus and an Arm U product that will get the job done for you! Contact your local Redfern branch today! #Cdnag  

Keep it Clean!

Hey folks! Keep it Clean! Follow the Keep it Clean guidelines to ensure your crop is market ready and help protect Canada’s reputation as a trusted supplier of canola, cereals and pulses. www.keepingitclean.ca

Blast from the past!

Blast from the past! Here are some photos former Redferns employee Colin Lawson sent us on Facebook recently! Lawson says this photo was taken back in the 70s/early 80s.      

Another successful year at Ag Days!

It was a great three days at Ag Days in Brandon Jan. 21-23. Redfern Farm Services has been attending Ag Days since 1978! Ag Days is considered by many to be Canada’s largest indoor farm show and consists of 10 acres of 100 per cent pure farm exhibits displaying...