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Granular Fertilizers

  • Blending sheds and storage for customer offers and programs
  • Field-specific computer recommendations

NH3 Fertilizers

  • Experienced field operating personnel for safe and professional to-the-field support
  • Large fleet of high-capacity nurse wagons and application tools

Fluid Fertilizers – Liquids/Suspensions

  • Liquid storage plants for full blends and storage and service
  • Large fleet of liquid fertilizer bandwagons and cultivators


At Redfern, we offer a wide variety of seeds: canola (including Brevant specialty oil), soybeans and corn, beans, peas, forages and grasses, and a significant selection of proprietary seed. We are committed to providing access to premium seed varieties and current information to support appropriate choices.

Our Redsper plant retails an extensive selection of cereal seeds, operates a certified seed conditioning facility, and provides seed treatments for cereals, soybeans, pulses and corn from a high-capacity automated facility.

Crop Protection

CIPC warehouses at all Redfern locations provide a complete selection of crop protection products for all crops. We make every effort to ensure we support our farmer partners with the right product, and work to ensure it is applied the right way, at the right time! Custom application of crop protection products is available using GPS technology and experienced operators who are supported by agronomist field scouting.

Equipment & Hardware

  • Granular fertilizer spreaders (air flow and spinner types)
  • Granular herbicide applicators
  • Liquid fertilizer bandwagons (featuring many models)
  • Cultivators and knife units (NH3 and liquid)
  • Liquid dribble banding bars, and field storage (liquid fertilizer portable equipment units)

We Also Feature:

  • Products that can be sourced through all other Redfern locations
  • Knowledgeable staff and fantastic customer service
  • Lubricant products available from Mobil/Esso