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Canadian pork exports to Mexico soar as trade wars bite U.S. farmers

Canada’s pork exports to Mexico soared last year as retaliatory tariffs against the United States drove buyers away from American farmers and toward alternate suppliers, writes Naomi Powell of the Financial Post.

Here’s an excerpt:

Shipments of Canadian pork to Mexico jumped 22.5 per cent to nearly 139,000 tonnes between January and November 2018, according to Statistics Canada, a bump industry analysts attribute to retaliatory tariffs imposed by the Mexican government in response to U.S. levies on steel and aluminum.

“There’s no doubt Canada is benefitting from those Mexican tariffs,” said Gary Stordy, director of government and corporate affairs at the Canadian Pork Council. “There’s still a significant amount of U.S. pork going into Mexico even with the tariffs, but we have certainly picked up sales on the periphery.”

Statistics for December were delayed because of the U.S. government shutdown.

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