Have you heard about the Ostara Nutrient Recovery product called Crystal Green?

Crystal Green, which is available at select Redfern locations, in association with Taurus Ag, is sustainably produced by Ostara using nutrient recovery technology that combines phosphorus, nitrogen, and magnesium into pure crystalline granules.

According to the Crystal Green official website, Crystal Green is virtually water insoluble and releases only in response to organic acids produced by growing roots. As the roots produce citrates, Crystal Green responds with a healthy release of phosphorus, fertilizing plants on demand. As plant demand decreases, nutrient release from Crystal Green is reduced consequently providing a more consistent feeding of nutrients compared to conventional phosphorus fertilizers. Crystal Green’s unique mode-of-action increases fertilizer efficiency and minimizes nutrient loss.

Crystal Green is distributed in the United States, Canada, and Europe through a network of retailers, blenders, and distributors to professionals in the agriculture, turf, and horticulture markets.

“The Virden Redfern Location partners with suppliers that will bring leading edge products to our producer partners,” said Lane Wanless, manager of Redfern Farm Services Virden. “We have recognized Crystal Green as a key product ensuring the agriculture industry can continue to produce more per acre and be sustainable into the future without impacting the environment.”

“Crystal Green is a proven agriculturally impactful phosphate technology when placed in soils where phosphorus availability can be challenging or seed safety is a limiting factor to placing more phosphate close to the seed,” said Craig Davidson, president of Taurus Agricultural Marketing. “If we believe moving forward, that as growers, we need to become more involved in the circular economy, then utilizing Crystal Green in your program will give you a stronger voice and bring you closer to consumers as you’ll be directly impacting the earth in a positive way.”

“As a crop input retailer, agronomist, and crop producer myself, this product is a huge breakthrough, bringing significant increase to plant available phosphorus, safety to our water environment, while making use of phosphorus removed in urban waste treatment programs,” said Ray Redfern, president of Redfern Farm Services.

For more information about Crystal Green, head to the official website www.crystalgreen.com.