A plethora of farmers from the region, including folks from Redfern Farm Services, gathered together to donate their time and machinery for a good cause on Tuesday as the annual Acres of Hope harvest took place near Rivers to raise funds for those in need.

“It was a success as I think we had 11 combines, six semis and two grain carts involved,” said Ron Krahn, chairperson of the Acres of Hope board. “That’s a really good turnout in terms of equipment and we had a good crop.”

Krahn says Redferns provided a semi trailer to haul some of the canola that ended up getting harvested, among other equipment for the project, which is in association with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

“The more people we can have involved from the community is great in my opinion,” he added. “The goal of the Foodgrains Bank is to try and end hunger internationally but one of the real side benefits of these growing projects has been just communities being able to work together, specifically farmers with some businesses that they deal with everyday getting to work together for a common goal. It’s really a unifying thing to see.”

Krahn estimates approximately $67,000 will be raised from selling the crop that was harvested. He says soybeans in Oak River will be harvested in a couple weeks time, which will also go towards the project as well.

“Great day to help harvest for a great cause,” said Dustin Redfern, equipment manager at Redfern Farm Services via his Twitter account. “Thanks to everyone that helps organize this event.”