Redfern Farm Services has recently become a supporter of the Manitoba Forage and Grassland Association.

According to the Manitoba Forage and Grasslands Association official website, the MFGA is a “producer-led non-profit farm organization in Manitoba dedicated to the development and promotion of a sustainable hay, forage and livestock industry and the protection of our most valuable resources – our land, waterways, and wildlife diversity.”

“To have Redfern Farm Services come on board with the MFGA this year is really a tremendous coup for our producer-led MFGA board of directors, our MFGA producer members and our valued MFGA corporate supporters,” said MFGA executive director Duncan Morrison. “With 11 locations across southwest Manitoba, Redferns has established an iconic brand across the Westman region. We believe that Redferns wants to help Manitoba forage and grass producers realize economic and environmental prosperity through the information, knowledge, extension and network provided by MFGA. Welcome aboard Redfern Farm Services. Welcome to our MFGA team.”

“We at Redferns believe that forages and grasses can and must become a cornerstone of opportunity for sustainability and building of soil health,” said Ray Redfern, president and owner of Redfern Farm Services. “We can use these perennials as an economically successful cropping option. MFGA does great work through great programs by committed hardworking volunteers. For Redferns, this is our little investment for the tomorrow of MFGA and with it an important resource for the future of all of us in production agriculture throughout Manitoba and beyond. Thanks MFGA for what you do for all of us.”

Moving forward, Redfern Farm Services will include informative MFGA content in its Redfern Review newsletter! Check out our latest newsletter here!