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Can Manitoba support 300,000 acres of field peas?

An interesting article by the Manitoba Co-operator was posted recently entitled, “Can Manitoba support 300,000 acres of field peas?”

The “provocative question” Alexis Stockford writes comes from Terry Buss, a Manitoba Agriculture farm production extension specialist, at a pea producers’ meeting in Brandon last month.

“Hitting that mark would mean an acreage five times larger than this coming season’s projected acreage, which has been pegged at 65,000 acres, up slightly from last year,” Stockford wrote. “That figure is still half of that two years ago in the summer of 2016, when StatsCan says 158,000 acres of the crop were harvested. Pea acres would have to jump almost five times their projections this year before reaching that mark.”

Buss says long term, the line in terms of acres and production is going up.

“The local processing and western Canadian processing is going to continue to drive that and that’s going to be filled with a number of new growers coming into it. Those people need, sort of, this introduction to the crop. What we’ve found is the weather has fought against us in terms of success and failure, but there are things we can do to ensure a more stable and higher yield year to year.”

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