Redfern Farm Services is proud to once again be a sponsor of the upcoming Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, which is slated to take place March 26-31 in Brandon.

This will be the 111th edition of the Winter Fair and James Montgomery, sponsorship coordinator for the Provincial Ex, says the support received by Redferns is very much appreciated, adding that over the years, Redferns has sponsored events such as the “Thru The Farm Gate” and the “Royal Farm Yard” at the RMWF. This year, Redferns will play a key role in presenting awards at the Miss Piggy Scrambles on both the Wednesday and Thursday nights of the Fair.

“It is entertainment, but it’s also an opportunity to let the audience know about what Redferns provides to the community and what services it provides to the agricultural sector,” Montgomery said.

Each year, the RMWF generates nearly $11 million in economic impact in Brandon, according to a Provincial Ex sponsorship letter, which was sent to Redferns head office recently.

“This fact clearly demonstrates the significant contribution the RMWF makes to the area but it’s only possible because of the financial and volunteer support of the community,” states the letter. “Your sponsorship is pat of that support and we are deeply appreciative of it.”

The Miss Piggy Scramble on Wednesday, March 28 and Thursday, March 29 will take place during the night program portion after 7 p.m. in the main arena. (Start times and schedule are subject to change.)

Make sure to come on out and say hi to the Redferns team!