Folks from across Canada and the U.S. who were at Ag Days in Brandon recently had an opportunity to listen to a variety of different speakers and Redfern Farm Services made sure to take in and listen to a few of them!

Folks in attendance at Ag Days in Brandon earlier this month had an opportunity to check out speaker Darren Bond, a farm management specialist with Manitoba Agriculture.

Bond’s presentation, entitled, “Time to step up your grain game” focused on crop economics, which included a look back on 2017 in terms of how crops performed both in yield, price levels and net returns. He also spoke about 2018 projections as well as analytics – i.e. how to compare different crops amongst each other and how to make decisions with analytics. He also touched on land rent and how much farmers should be paying, etc.

“I’m really impressed with today’s farmers,” Bond said to the crowd. “We’ve really stepped up our capacity for management. Now it’s not so much what are your numbers, it’s more about what can we do with these numbers once we have them?”

He says knowing your numbers is key to all of this, adding that it isn’t so much the numbers that he has, it’s more the logic model, the method and the process to take in your own numbers, assess your own numbers and apply your management skills to those numbers to make the decisions on your farm.

“We’ve really been touting ‘know your cost per bushels sold’. We’re often stuck in a cost-per-acre mindset and at the end of the day, we sell bushels, we sell tons, we sell pounds,” he added. “What we should be doing as producers is figuring out what our costs are on a bushels-sold basis.”

He says every year is different obviously and that what he said during his presentation, which took place on Day 2 at Ag Days (Jan. 17) might be different tomorrow, a week from now or six months from now.

“But at the end of the day, the most profitable farmers are profitable consistently and it doesn’t happen by accident. You have to plan for it.”

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The following are just a few slides from the presentation that present some interesting tidbits of information for growers. You can find the entire presentation here.



Canola, soybeans and wheat – hard red spring are the ‘big three’ accounting for nearly 80 per cent of the crops grown this past year.