For Redfern Farm Services, 2017 was once again all about responding to the various needs of growers in southwestern Manitoba.

Looking back, Ray Redfern, president and owner of Redfern Farm Services, says the spring of 2017 could not have gone better as Mother Nature elected to cooperate with growers – with almost no downtime for seeding operations.

“Farm operators, and our Redfern workers too, observed that they could not remember ever having as many continuous work days and crops coming out of the ground so beautifully.”

After harvesting season, Redfern says it was a much different time than in years past for the company.

“It was almost the exact opposite of the previous year (post harvest),” Redfern said. “Many fall crop inputs that were not already applied by late October just did not get applied as snow and low temperatures arrived.”

With that being said, Redfern says retailers like Redfern Farm Services only earn the confidence of their clients when they show commitment to delivering products and services.

“Partners look out for each other, and come through to get the work accomplished,” Redfern added.

He says Redfern Farm Services is there when the crop producer needs and expects it and “not just when it’s convenient within an 8-to-5 and five-day work week.”

What’s to come for 2018?

We at Redferns know that we can make a better effort when it comes to the outreach of our message,” Redfern said.

That message is about planning together for tomorrow and for the next crop year.

“When we plan together, we learn a lot about each other’s unique and personal needs – that is when we all learn how to be partners who provide value to each other.”

He says Redferns has grown since its inception, offering a wide variety of products and services for the grower.

“It’s essential so that we can be viable and that we can remain in your communities today and tomorrow. With Redferns as one of your work partners, you’re the driver and we’re beside you all year. At Redferns, many of us are also owners, and we’re committed to the proud profession of agriculture, our roles as professionals in it, and our future together.”