Lane Wanless, senior manager of the Virden region for Redfern Farm Services, says it’s very important for producers to soil test and rotate their crops.

Lane Wanless is the senior manager of the Virden region for Redfern Farm Services.

“It is imperative to know and understand what the nutrient levels are in the fields so you’re applying what you will need to maintain or build the soil levels,” said the 44-year-old whose agricultural expertise dates back to growing up on his family farm in Belmont (currently still owns the farm there).

“Producers have been harvesting great crops and need to realize what they’re removing from the soil in the seed and if they harvest the straw.”

Married with an adult son and daughter, Wanless, from Reston, began his career in agriculture with Manitoba Pool Elevators in Reston before eventually landing a job at Redferns back in October of 2015.

As the senior manager of the Virden region, Wanless says his day-to-day is always different at Redferns.

“If it was the same that means you’re not looking for opportunities or keeping up with the trends,” he said. “The focus at our location has been growth and expansion to facilitate the opportunities in the market place.”

Wanless, who enjoys hunting, fishing and trapping in his spare time, says producers are mobile and should always be “kept in the loop.”

“We always need to be thinking a few days ahead – and this means presenting opportunities to them that will increase their bottom line and grow more bushels.”

Producers in the Virden area can contact Wanless at the Redfern Virden branch, located at Junction. No. 1 and Highway 83 South, at 204-748-1122 (office) or 204-851-4816 (cell).