Not only does Darryl Kent have four-sixths of his name associated with the town he grew up in, it’s where he’s called home for 49 years.

“Pretty much raised in Kenton all my life,” said Kent, the longtime manager of the Kenton Redferns branch.

After starting as a seasonal employee back in April of 1994, Kent eventually became manager approximately two years later. The man who hired him? None other than Jeff Ross, who is currently the general manager of the Brandon Redferns branch.

“I was never a so-called farm kid,” Kent explains. “I started working for area farmers when I was nine years old, riding my pedal bike or motor bike to my cousins to do chores.”

Kent says he was fortunate to have relatives who helped him and his brother become associated with the local 4-H program. Kent and his brother ended up showing cattle, which were provided to them by his cousin, he says.

“I currently own an acreage in the Harding area, where we have five horses, chickens, pigs, cats and dogs,” he said with a laugh.

When he’s not at work, Kent enjoys coaching his son’s hockey team.

“I was also fortunate enough as a player and coach of the Kenton Cougars hockey team to win four provincial championships, which is still something I am very proud of.”

Kent is also involved with the Kenton Community Enterprise for over 20 years, which is a volunteer group who looks after the arena, ballpark, community hall and the Kenton Dam.

He says he enjoys camping, fishing, boating and hunting with his children and friends as well as horseback riding. In the winter, he spends a lot of time at the hockey rink with his kids, he says.

At the Kenton Redferns branch, Kent says every staff member can do any role and they all pride themselves on that.

“Day-to-day, season-to-season, it’s always different,” he said. “I can be in the office doing sales, scouting fields in the spring, delivering fertilizer or chemical to farmers, blending fertilizer, selling hardware, pushing snow. You name it, we all do it.”

Currently, Kent and his staff are reviewing soil tests and are preparing for pre-buy fertilizer season and are also helping farmers plan for next spring.

“This month is also a good month to get people to consider booking canola and soybeans as there’s still great discounts for booking, pre-buying and guaranteeing you get the seed that you want,” he said. “With our treating plant at Redsper you know you’re getting the best consistent treating available for the soybeans in the area.”